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Contact number (+370 5) 267 05 43

Head of the unit Audronė Smirinenko

Male unit 3 was opened on July 1, 1961, i.e. with the re-establishment of New-Vilnia psychiatric hospital. Unit 3 admitted patients from Druskininkai, Ignalina Varėna, Lazdijai districts and some Vilnius city areas (Newtown, Vilkpėdė and Šeškinė). By emergency indications, patients from any part of Lithuania are taken in. In addition to the treatment of mental disorders, alcohol and drug withdrawals and examinations of capacity for military service are conducted. Psychologists, psychotherapists and physicians of other specialties, as: opticians, internists, neurologists, surgeons, ORL, dermatologist consultations are available for patients. If necessary, patients are referred to University hospitals for examination and consulted by the University Psychiatry Chair prof. A. Dembinskas, and senior university lecturer A. Šiurkutė.

In case of indications up-to-date diagnostic tests are carried out with modern equipment:

X-ray – diagnostic tests;
CT scan;
EEG monitoring;
clinical laboratory tests (hematological, thyroid hormones, concentration of medication in blood).

Patients are admitted to the unit daily round-the clock through the admission department by referral or emergency indications. Some services such as dental treatment and others. The unit has a range of occupational therapies; elligible patients are referred for psychocorrection or psychotherapy. The staff keeps in touch with relatives, primary psychiatrists, helps to solve various social problems.


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