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Contact number (+370 5) 2671897
Head of the Unit –Evelina Greckienė

After the re-establishment of N.Vilnia Republican Psychiatric Hospital on July 1, 1961, our unit existed as Unit’s 1 subsidiary for male patients. In 1963 it became an independent department headed by doctor J. Gliauberzonas and a Senior nurse A.Maslauskaitė. Since 1964 the department was subordinated to V.Paurienė and a Senior nurse V.Černousova. During the first year the unit was settled by psychotic patients transferred from Vilnius and Pažaislis psychiatric hospitals. In 1969 the unit moved to rebuilded block 12 (current location).In 1976 this department became Unit 2 with 120 beds, the first one with attached catchment area (from Panevėžys., Ukmergė, Pakruojis, Akmenė and Trakai districts). Part of the former patients was transferred to the newly repaired premises of Unit 9.
At that time the unit was staffed by doctors A.Samuolis, Z.Markulis, N.Naujokaitytė; later of: D.Survilaitė, N.Šopauskienė, E.Morkūnas, J.Žiukienė, V.Gliauberzonas. The nursing staff consisted of R.Tarutienė (later Senior nurse in Unit 9 for female patients), J.Zabalevičienė (later in Unit 9), A.Girčytė, D.Trumpelienė. From 1963 to 2013 the Senior nurse was V.Škikūnaitė. In 1983-89 the the unit was headed by N.Mačiūnienė, and from 1989 to 2008 – doctors A. Samuolis, I.Ramanauskas in 2009 and since then onwasrds by Evelina Greckienė. From 2013 units Senior nursing administrator is Liucija Aleksejūnienė. In 2003 the unit was renamed Unit 4. The unit has worked intensively – with up to 600-700 patients annually. The number of beds has decreased to 45 for the sake of present purposes, now available for patients with a variety of mental disorders .independently of residence.
The latest methods of diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation are applied in the unit: medications, electrical convulsive therapy, individual and group psychotherapy is psychological testing, psychosocial rehabilitation services are provided during the active treatment and aftercare.
The unit has 4 doctors:: Evelina Greckienė, Irina Ziuzina, Danguolė Survilaitė, Gerda Bliūdžiuvienė. There are 12 qualified psychiatric nurses and 14 nursing auxiliaries and social workers taking care of patient’s social problems and their occupational health.


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