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Telephone (+370 5) 267 29 36

Call-box (8 900) 909 37

Head of the unit – M.D. Sergejus Andruškevičius

Our male unit exists for the 6th decade now.

We are ready to help every single individual suffering from: anxiety, insomnia, depression, addiction to alcohol or drugs, and other important ailments.

The unit is staffed by: skilled psychiatrists (S.Andruškevičius, R. Judelevičienė), two registrars, experienced and attentive nursing specialists, psychologist A.Laurinavičienė, social workers.

(1) All spiritual ailments are treated according to patients needs, always respecting individual’s freedom.

(2) A lot of attention is paid to diagnostics (complex psychological examination, tomography, EEG, laboratory tests).

We use classic and latest psychotropic medication; individual, group and occupational therapies, music-relaxation , deal with relevant social problems of individual patients.

Unit premises are spacious, safe, bright and sunny. There are 45 beds in 9 wards, some partitioned. We have an occupational workshop – supervised by social worker patients communicate, listen to the music, drink coffee, draw, read. Patients have the opportunity to attend exhibitions, concerts, go on trips.

Men love exercise – we installed a small gym with fitness equipment and ping-pong table at the end of the corridor. On the hospital grounds there is an opportunity to exercise in the basketball and volleyball courts.

If you are in need of help – we are ready to help you!


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