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Telephone (+370 5) 267 28 29

Head of the unit – Asta Abaravičienė

This male unit was established in 1961. Our main goal is to help patients recover and return to a full life. From the very beginning, different immediate help is provided to the patients, with depression, various psychotic disorders, addictions from any place of the country

The unit is staffed with 3 qualified psychiatrists. They constantly improve their skills in taking care and introducing psychiatric innovations.

Each patient is prescribed individual testing and treatment plan, according to his condition and needs. In order to provide high quality services and complex therapy psychological counseling, participation in psychological group, individual care, various types of rehabilitation activities, social and family counceling are applied. In case of concomitant illnesses physicians of other specialties are consulted (internist, surgeon, ENT, etc.).

Skilled nursing team takes care of the quality of the services provided. Modern therapeutic environment also helps in the recovery process.


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