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Telephone (+370 5) 267 28 70
Head of the unit – Audrius Grigas

Unit 8 for female patients with serious mental disorders exists since 1966 and has accumulated large experience in psychotic disorder diagnostics and treatment. The staff consisting of doctors A. Grigas, M.Banaitienė, V.Vaitoškienė and nursing team, social workers, a psychologist, assisted by physicians of other specialties (if necessary). All hospitals resources are used for the diagnostics of disorders. Treatment plan is drawn individually for the particular patient and her situation taking into account the complex factors and choosing optimal combination of medication. The staff has completely mastered the electrical convulsive therapy. Pharmacotherapy is supplemented by psychological and social counseling, also leisure activities. Patients have opportunities to engage into favorite activity matching their needs.

Our goal is thorough examination; prescription of optimal, effective and safe treatment. Patients are guaranteed to get safe and reliable psychiatric care.


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