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Telephone (+370 5) 267 27 25
Head of the unit – Giedrė Vindašienė

Our unit was established in 1994. At present it is staffed with 2 doctors, 9 nurses, a psychologist, a social worker and 8 ancillary workers. It is a small open-door unit with 22 beds for male and female patients with various mental disorders.

Each patient us treated by a co-operating team, consisting of psychiatrist, nurse, psychologist and social worker, aiming to succor patients readily and effectively.

The environment of the unit is quiet, comfortable and home-like, which has a significant impact on patients’ recovery. Communication is based on unconditional respect to each patient’s dignity and beliefs.

Patients are treated with modern psychotropic medications; psychological counseling. If necessary, electrical convulsive therapy and transcranial magnetic stimulation is available. Treatment for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) includes light therapy. To improve patient’s overall condition the bioelectromagnetic energy regulator (BEMER) is applied.

Admitted patients are fully examined by indications. Consultations are provided by various specialists, as internist, neurologist, surgeon, optician, oncologist, dentist, dermatologist, ENT (ear, nose and throat diseases). CT scans, EEG, rheoencepholography (REG) are performed, also cognitive behavioral testing, other laboratory tests, including. concentration of medication in blood.

Nurses together with social worker take care of patients’ daily life and leisure. We have a workshop occupational therapy and a self-help club “Užuovėja”.


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