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Telephone (+370 5) 267 28 00
Head of the unit – Aldona Šiurkutė

The clinical unit admits male and female patients depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, adaptation and personality disorders. It is 40-bed open-door unit, where psychological-psychotherapeutic assistance is provided. Patients’ occupational therapy is organized by social worker, who also handles the urgent social problems.
This unit employs residents and registrars, provides training opportunities for students of Vilnius University’s Faculty of Medicine, internships for nurses and social workers. Assistant professor A. Šiurkutė gives lectures (“Psychopharmacology basics”) for entire term, to postgraduates in psychology, conducts seminars for medical students and carries out advanced courses at Vilnius University. Doctors of the unit publish scientific articles and make presentations at conferences.
Diagnostic and treatment problems are discussed by consultants – habilitated professor D.Ph.Algirdas Dembinskas, deputy director for medicine and skilled clinician J.Lengvenienė, head of the unit A.Šiurkutė and senior registrar M.Karnickas.
Thorough examinations including EEG tests, P300 potentials test, CT scan, and ultrasound are carried out: Consultations of internist, neurologist, optician, ENT, surgeon, dermatologist and gynecologist, and neurophysiologist are provided. Patients with prolonged and treatment-resistant depression get electrical convulsive therapy with anesthesia on “Thymatron”, and since 2006 transcranial magnetic stimulation There is a wide range of modern psychotropic medication choice.


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