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Head of the department – Gražina Kavalnienė
Admission room tel. 2 67 18 40
Admission department operates daily round-the clock, dealing with
- the admission of patients to the Republican Vilnius Psychiatric Hospital (RVPH) by referral or emergency indications;
- counselling patients with psychiatric problems about treatment recommendations;
- referring patients by indications for a higher level of consultation to the RVPH clinical
consulting unit at working hours;
- providing full information about hospital’s services free of charge, also paid services rate;
- informing patients about the order of hospitalization, methods of treatment and available
- explaining patients about the legal restrictions of their rights and freedoms.
When indicated, electrocardiographic test (ECG), testing for drug use and determination of glucose level in blood is available.
The psychiatrist on duty distributes hospitalized patients according to indications to hospital psychiatric departments, 8 of which are specialized:
1) Resuscitation and intensive care unit;
2) Vilnius University psychiatric clinic for adults;
3) Acute alcoholic psychoses unit;
4) Female psychogeriatric unit
5) Alzheimer disease and psychiatric-somatic unit;
6) Vilnius University psychiatric clinic for children and adolescents;
7) Acute psychotic states unit.
and 7 general psychiatric units.

The main principle of the admission department:
We make sure that every single individual seeking for advice with a psychological or psychiatric problem, gets a qualified and free psychiatrists consultation and other necessary information 24 hours a day.
RVPH provides paid health care services without disclosing their identity to patients suffering from mental and behavioral disorders due to usage of psychoactive substances, withdrawal conditions and
provided in acute alcoholic psychosis unit) and general psychiatric units, after contacting Admission and emergency department on workdays Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.


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