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Telephone (+370 5) 267 16 41
Head of the unit – Aurelija Vaitkevičienė

Beautiful and harmonious venerable age does not come by itself, we must create it.

Psychogeriatric female unit was formed in August 1971, as the first departments of that kind in Lithuania. Now it accomodates 45 inpatients, aged mostly 60-65 years, suffering from the following mental disorders:

1) dementia of various origin (problems related to memory and other cognitive functions:
forgetfulness and distraction, disruption of daily life activities and social adaptation etc.);
2) various types of psychotic disorders (delusions, hallucinations, delirious states of
consciousness, confusion etc.);
3) mood disorder (depression, anxiety);
4) endogenous mental problems (schizophrenia, schizoaffective and schizotypical disorders).

Examination and treatment is provided by qualified psychiatrists, internist and experienced nursing professionals. If necessary, patients are consulted by other specialists: optician, neurologist, psychologist, etc. Modern diagnostic and treatment methods are applied: CT scan, ultrasound, Central nervous system electrophysiological tests (EEG monitoring, A300 – cognitive disorder test, etc.)

Rehabilitation and adaptation to the real life is implemented by social worker and physiotherapist in the unit. Individual communication with patients, work in groups, music therapy, trips to nature, cultural-religious events take place. Patients attend household and leisure centre where they are engaged in their favorite hobbies (drawing, knitting, modeling, etc.). Also physical exercises are practicable in groups and individually.

If you are an elderly person and suffer from anxiety, sadness, insomnia or other spiritual ailments we are ready to help you!


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