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Telephone (+370 5) 267 07 31
Head of the department – Aušra Bagdonaitė

This 30 bed unit was established in January 2001. The department arranges and carries out comprehensive examination of individuals supposed of having Alzheimer‘s disease, then providing qualified inpatient and outpatient medical treatment to those diagnosed. The staff carries out qualified therapeutic and psychiatric care of mental patients with severe acute or deteriorated internal diseases who cannot be treated in ordinary hospitals.

Patients are admitted to the unit on the basis of:

1. referral from mental health care specialists for examination or treatment.
2. referral by GP or neurologist for examination and treatment;
3. emergency indications without reference;
4. transferral from other health care institutions on emergence of Alzheimer‘s desease or a severe somatic illness with other mental disorder due to which they cannot be treated in general hospitals.


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