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Telephone (+370 5) 267 24 26

Head of the unit – Steponas Pukelis

It is the longest existing alcolism facility in Lithuania operating since the re-establishment of the hospital in 1961. The country’s most eminent narcologists used to work here.

In 2006 the unit moved into newly reconstructed premises corresponding to European standards. The unit has 45 beds: 30 for male and 15 for female patients, 3-4 beds in a ward. The staff consists of 4 doctors, a psychologist and 14 nurses.

Patients are admitted to the unit from all over the country. They are treated for alcohol withdrawal and transitory alcoholic psychoses. The treatment begins with intensive care and detoxification for 3 days in milder cases, and can be continued up to 20 days. When patient’s condition begins to improve the psychologist joins in, also individual or group psychotherapy and psychological counseling are provided.

The aim of the unit is abstinence. Further treatment plan is discussed before discharge. Various medications are prescribed and anti-alcoholic therapy is recommended.


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