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Telephone (+370 5) 267 00 56

Head of the unit – anesthesiologist Rolandas Kaukėnas

The 6 bed resuscitation and intensive care unit was founded in October 1993. It is destined to the treatment of delirious states, severe withdrawal and somatic conditions or mental state when intensive is to be provided.
The unit’s team consists of psychiatrist, internist, and anesthesiologists.
Patients are admitted or transferred to the unit through the RVPH admission department, without referral in emergency. Examination and treatment generally takes up to 3 days. Various scans are carried out: X-ray, CT, EEG, ECG, ultrasound. If necessary patients are consulted by other specialists: neurologist, optician, surgeon, ENT, neurosurgeon.

Treatment methods applied in the unit:
• Medications,
• Aerozol;
• Oxygen-therapy;
• Artificial lung ventilation;
• Special diet;
• Osmotherapy;
• Blood transfusions;
• Correction of low blood level and electrolyte imbalance.


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