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griuves 1Republican Vilnius Psychiatric Hospital (RVPL) is a specialized mental health care institution for delivering services for diagnostics and treatment of mental disorders, preventing relapses and providing comprehensive assistance for social reintegration. Its history dates from the end of 19th century, when psychiatry in Lithuania being a part of Russia was under control of Administration of Public Surveillance, however mental patients were in sad state. In 1898 St Peterbourg conference resolved to erect psychiatric hospitals for the regions of Riga and Vilnius. The construction of a 1000-bed hospital on Rokantishkes estate at 0.5 km distance from N.Vilnia railway station was completed in 1903. When WW1 set in, the buildings were adapted for military purposes, and the hospital moved to Russia. In 1961 a hospital was restarted here from scratch and admitted over a thousand of chronic patients from psychiatric hospitals of Vilnius, Kaunas and Pažaislis.

RVPL renders services of secondary and tertiary levels to the entire population of the country. It is one of the largest and up-to-date health care facilities in Lithuania. It is  engaged not only in treating patients, but also in research and in training doctors and nurses, in promotion mental health in population, novel methods in examination and treatment, advanced forms of psychiatric practice.

Presently in RVPH there are 604 beds in 14 inpatient units for treatment of various mental disorders. Seven of them are specialized: Admission & diagnostics, Resuscitation & intensive care, Alzheimer’s disease & somatopsychiatry, Old age psychiatry, Acute alcohol psychoses, and two clinical units of Vilnius University (one for adults, and one for children & adolescents). A day-stay unit for adults was opened in 2004.

The hospital treats patients suffering from neuroses, psychosomatic, organic, depressive, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, personality and behaviour problems, eating disorders, alcohol & drug withdrawal and psychoses, also dementias of various origins.

Patients’ well-being is cared by a team of professionals: doctor-in-charge, psychologist, nurse, social worker, in case of need also a psychotherapist. Each patient’s needs, oppor-tunities and conditions are evaluated and their individual plan of treatment is designed. Psychological correction, occupational therapy, rehabilitation are in broad use together with medications.

RVPH was the first psychiatric facility in Lithuania to do computed tomography and EEG, neurophysiological investigation of cognitional processes, ECT with Thymatron DGx and transcranial magnetic stimulation.

RVPL has created a unique system of early and continued rehabilitation, developed club activities for discharged patients, implemented programmes of psychotherapy, intensive care and resuscitation, established social services department. An excellent base of clinical and biochemical laboratories was developed in the hospital. Research of affective disorders, impulsive and obsessive behaviours, incidence and prevalence of mental disorders and clinical trials of new psycho tropics are carried out in the hospital. Our department of electrophysiological examinations & treatment is performing joint research programmes with universities in Lithuania and abroad.

Facts and numbers

After restoration of independence of Lithuania an essential reform of psychiatric care took place. One of its initiators was Dr. Valentinas Maciulis, PhD, the director of RVPL. He contributed actively in working out the legal base of and implementing the reform of country’s mental health care system. Dr. Valentinas Mačiulis has been managing the hospital since 1982 and has accomplished quite a lot in recent decades: consequent restructuralisation of the facility, increase of the quality of mental health care services, improvement of treatment, nursing and work conditions, renewal of most units, comfortable rooms for work and rest with new furniture and equipment, regular exhibitions of patients’ artistic creations, organization of cultural and festive events.

In 2001 RVPL joined the International HPH Network, and took part in all annual conferences. In 2006 RVPL was entrusted to coordinate the work of the psychiatric section at 14th International HPH Conference. RVPL was recognized as a medical facility of best ambience in 2007 when the election took place in Lithuania for the first time.

All services and diagnostic processes in RVPL meet the scientific and legal regulations. RVPL was recognized compliant to LST EN ISO 9001:2001 standards of Quality Management System in 2004 and the certificate was renewed after inspection in July 2010.

Support under EU structural funds for Lithuania has recently reached RVPL, and 3 EU co-financed National investment programme projects are now being realized:

  • “Inpatient facility modernization in PO Republican Vilnius psychiatric hospital”
  • No. VP3-2.1-SAM-06-V-01-005 (Cohesion funding 2 priority);
  • “Renovation of PO Republican Vilnius psychiatric hospital thermal system”
  • No.VP3-3.4-ŪM-03-V-1-011 (Cohesion funding 3 priority);
  • “Advanced training of health professionals engaged in reduction of morbidity and mortality from non-communicable diseases” No.VP1-1.1-SADM-10-V-01-002 (Social funding 1 priority, Human resources development programmes).

5 doctors with university degrees, 2 university readers, 1 professor, 1 honoured doctor of Lithuania, 2 honoured health care specialists and psychiatrists of superior category are engaged in our hospital. There are more than 500 papers, 10 monographs and methodologies published by the workers of the hospital. A lot of educational pamphlets and leaf-lets are being published for patients and their families. qualification, but also particular human qualities – patience, sincerity, attentiveness, which the workers of our hospital are not devoid of.


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